WHO are the FILM MAKERs who are BLIND and the MENTORS?

Ben Fox - The "Blind Advocate"/ Journalist / Photographer

I've worked as a journalist, ran a small media/marketing company and founded an organization that supports people transitioning to blindness while raising awareness about the spectrum of blindness (AlmostBlind.org). 


About 20 years ago, when I was 18, I had two milestones in life.

FIRST: I was able to show a short film in the first year of the Gen-Y theater at the Sundance film festival

and SECOND: I was told to prepare for progressive blindness as I underwent two eye surgeries for detached retinas (one in each eye). I wondered then what a future in film making could possibly look like. Now I'm 37 and legally blind with an additional diagnosis of Retinits Pigmintosa and a cataract too, but you know what?  I am ready to get back to film making! White Canes, Camera, ACTION!"

Victor Mifsud - "The Blind Film Maker" - DJ - Bio Hacker

"Hi, I'm Victor Mifsud, the Blind Bio-Hacker. I'm on a mission to supercharge my eyes, mind, body and my soul- by using ancient wisdom and modern science. I'm a DJ, an artist, a traveler, and a dreamer. By the way, I'm legally blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa.

My first film shows the story of the journey to heal more than my eyes, but also my mind, body and soul using a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. I'm part citizen scientist and part bio-hacker. I will introduce you to brilliant thinkers who push the frontiers of our understanding of the brain and it’s connections to the body. Also I look forward to directing some commercials while being BLIND while WORKING!

Orly Shamir - The Blind Chef - EARLY Retired Executive 

My name is Orly which means "My Light" and I will show you that cooking, like life, is best experienced as a multi-sensory treat that will bring your vision to perfect clarity – if not through the eyes, then through the heart. I will be feeding the crew during this show, and in fact, I'm producing a cooking show of my own.

I had a career working with TD Bank, and also a background in interviewing before dedicating my life to working with food and helping people "see" through the heart. 

I have a passion for cooking, always being creative in my dishes.  I love to entertain, I love good wine, and really have been moving towards a more healthier life style.I exercise, and have made a conscious choice of how I live life!  It’s inevitable for all of us that life will deal out hard circumstances and challenges.  What has made the difference for me in my life journey, is how I react, move forward and choose to thrive.

Eddie Echo - Blind Sound Engineer / Singer Songwriter

"I'm a singer-songwriter and music producer based out of Nashville and also NYC. I combine classic influences and modern production technique to create songs with concrete lyrical themes and energy.

I was born with Stargardt's and although my eyesight is fading I am seeing new horizons through sound. I possess a blind optimism (Pun intended) toward life that sometimes gets me into trouble, but always leaves the glass half full. I use songs to shine a light on the good things in life, and believe in the power of music to combat the struggles we all face. On that NOTE, I look forward to bringing a rhythm to each project we do and will be adding music and overseeing the sound. "

Dave Epstein - Blind Designer / Outdoor Guide / Entreprenuer

You are not in this alone. AwareWolf Gear is with you to help you get recognized in a quieter, gentler way. And I am here to help keep it that way.

I haven’t been blind my whole life. Having RP, I witnessed a slow loss of vision over the course of several decades.  The time came to accept my present state, and apply for O&M training.

My “Blind Teacher” worked diligently to get me at least somewhat graceful with “Thing 2,” one of many mobility canes.   I practice “being blind” on the streets of Sedona, still using my vision for navigation, while letting Thing 2 identify terrain changes and obstacles.  


Very quickly did I get frustrated as I learned that, as hard as I work the cane and skills, my safety is often jeopardized by people- pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike- who simply are not paying attention, or ride on the sidewalk, or doing who-knows-what on their phones. “What more do I need to do to be safe around here?”

Bari Azman  - MENTOR to the BLIND 

"I'm Bari Azman, an expert launch and business growth specialist with startups. Although I am all in with the low vision and blindness communities, I got my start by supplying the global airline industry. I served as President of IDT Jets where I administered more than fifteen overseas manufacturing facilities while directing sourcing, creative, retail and business development. 


Right now I serve as VP of Marketing and Wearable Technology for Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA, a multi-office practice that specializes in working with patients suffering from low vision. It was my honor to be part of the team that collaborated with Samsung in the development of IrisVision... Which if you don't know, is the most advanced medical device for low vision patients on the market today. I am  worked tirelessly in the launch of the advanced eSight product throughout the Northeast,


It's my job to guide the launch of this show and to be the final go to for anyone who needs help. Mentors play a vital role in the process of this documentary series, both blind and sighted. They will step in and give coaching sessions to our team in each episode. We have an expert in each field required for each of our projects: cinematography, voice over, marketing, that advises on each." 

Yoni Frager -  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / LA Filmmaker

Clearing the production trenches, I began producing solo. My first feature film, Geek USA, was a punchy throwback to 90s teen music-driven films, earning recognition at the 2013 CBGB festival and the 2014 IFS festival.

Of late, my career has taken a turn back into the horror genre–producing four feature
films Contracted, Contracted: Phase Two, Dementia and Uncaged. After limited theatrical
release these films found permanent homes on Netflix and Amazon. I've recently founded a production company, "Starting Monday" which is currently in pre-production for three features and two TV series.




IMAGINE FIVE blind film makers

Living together


for FIVE weeks.

This doc series 

"Working While Blind" 

is the behind the scenes story of:



BLIND film makers 


professional grade commercials 

(mentored by industry experts)

with the use of technology.