Storytelling Workshops Series:

PLAY Storytelling Workshop

Join Lego Group's own Sr. Art Director Morten Bonde, who has been writing and directing for over 20 years, and documentary filmmaker and journalist, blindDANCE CoFounder Ben Fox (both legally blind) as they interview the entertainment industry's top directors, scriptwriters and producers, who will breakdown their tips for success for our community. 


The purpose of the monthly blindDANCE Storytelling Workshop Series is to:

1. Provide a gathering place for our growing group of filmmakers who are blind, and our supporters

2. To connect this community of creative talent while supporting/cheering for one another regularly, meeting at scheduled times. 


The monthly workshop is a place for blindDANCE Film Festival organizers to present updates and live announcements to our filmmaking community.


Also filmmakers who are sighted are excited to join the workshop series as guests to lend their expertise, this creates a bridge and avenue for our filmmakers to engage the mainstream entertainment industry.

March 31:

What is Storytelling w/Morten Bonde (Legally blind Sr. Art Director for Lego Group)

"Can you make films if you are blind?"

Morten Bonde 

April 28:

ART of STORYTELLING  "Creating a Storyboard" 

Ben Fox 

Morten Bonde

May 26:

"Finding the Story through Narration and Editing" 

June 30:

"Documentary Film: how to find your story through interview questions" 

July 28:

"Script writing: Story telling through dialogue"

 - Short Script Writing Contest discussion

Aug. 25: 

"Short Script Writing Contest" 

 - Reading of 5 minute short scripts with Morten! 

Sept. 29:

"Live from the BEACH"

Sound, light and Set, all in the story

Oct. 27:

"Building community around your story"

Nov. 24:

"Your story applied to marketing for your film"


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