PROOF of Concept - this produced series premieres 2022

LOGO - Working While Blind .png

THREE: Reasons to Work
- 1. You love what you do
- 2. You love someone = working because, or for them
- 3. You love yourself = the work is self-improvement, or needed 
COMBINE all three "Reasons to Work" and you may find purpose. - Ben Fox

WORKING WHILE BLIND Documentary Series normalizes success, the tools to achieve it, and the people who are blind at work/play.

Who is featured in the series? 

- Professional level, influential,  interesting leaders who are blind and employed full time or have created fulltime work for themselves. Each person must also have a story that stands out and also have a unique talent or timely activity to be showcased in the show. 

  • Each episode opens exploring the WHY for WORK during a favorite  meal with our featured Working While Blind INFLUENCER 

  • Join us at the place of work and see THE TOOLS used to get the Work done While Blind. 

  • Meet CoWorkers and learn what its like to work with someone who is blind, hearing personal accounts. 

  • See the home / Meet the family and THE TOOLS we use to get to play

Additionally, each episode includes an activity of play, ie. hobby, special skill, event or activity. 

A main event in each episode is the Blindness Awareness Celebrity INFO HOUR. 

 - It is as simple as it sounds. A celebrity sitting down for a meal with our Working While Blind Film Crew and featured worker. 

- Each episode's INFO HOUR is joined by Dr. Vinny Calderone to learn about a different eye condition AND a new tech for the blind