OrCam Featured in Working While Blind Documentary Series:

WHAT: Four short films (30 mins each) showing techniques and tools that aid in success at work/play while being blind. 


SHOWN WHERE: blindDANCE Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival in partnership with American Foundation for the Blind with Kirk Adams in attendance (pre-accepted and featured), - also available for streaming online after the first round of film festivals. 


OrCam Sponsorship WHY: Imagine our protagonists supported by an OrCam MyEye (on camera during the documentary) while in their own setting and life, suceeding at what they love.

- We propose the following:

1. OrCam is favorably featured for at least 90 seconds in each film.

2. blindDANCE producers will thank OrCam in podcasts (min. of 10, with audiences of 1,000 or more)

3. OrCam is featured in film credits and any digital or printed media for doc. series

4. OrCam is the TITLE sponsor, and we will accept no competitor's sponsorship for this project

- We ask: $10,000 and two OrCam MyEye Pro devices for promotional purposes

- Added benefit to OrCam:

 blindDANCE will hold a contest widely promoting this doc series, highlighting the use of OrCam with a contest with an OrCam as the prize. 


Blind, In Love, Living Sedona

“BLIND, in love, LIVING SEDONA” is a short documentary (30 mins) featuring the story: Strides found both in the marriage and business of a man as he is learning to thrive blind, even inventing a new hiking cane and clothing line to sport on the trails of SEDONA.


Join Sedona Dave and hit the trails. This film is completed - Click to WATCH -


Simply needs a segment featuring Dave and OrCam in his workshop making canes.


What Sound Looks Like

Eddie Echo is a singer songwriter who is blind and music is literally his business, as you can book time in his studio.

Join Eddie Echo as he creates art in real-time, and works his magic in the studio recording and guiding others (who have a healthy respect for anyone who can run a sound board without looking at it).  - Scheduled to film in Nashville in May.


World Class, Sister Duo, While Blind

Sisters, Melissa Escobio and April Lufriu are always having adventures, going blind and supporting one another is only one of them.


April is Mrs World (2012), Mrs. America and Mrs. Florida, she also served as a spokesperson for the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Mellisa was there to support her every step of the way.


Additionally Melissa has been a support to April upon the news that her own son is also living with Retinitis Pigmentora. 

- Scheduled to Film in March. 


MAGIC, While Blind

Ryan Fox had a brain tumor removed at the age of NINE, it left him legally blind and deaf. He is a serious magician who is hired to travel and amaze audiences both large and small. 

He has recently accepeted a position in Public Relations with Guide Dogs of the Desert, and helping students who are blind with their guide dogs. 

Join us as we document his final (socially distanced/virtual) magic show in AZ and for the move to CA and for his first day at work. - Scheduled to film in Feb.