Weekly Social with blindness COMMUNITY & FRIENDS @:
Able ARTists Gallery in Railroad Square 10 ACRE Artist's District 

If you are blind in Tallahassee area, every week you have a place with friends waiting to create great experiences. It's free of cost, and we have some volunteers to potentially provide transportation, just ask.  


Join us for a walk around Historic Rail Road Square, and meet a new artist gallery or shop owner each week. 


- "Sit down and support" CATERED Peer Group at ABLE ARTIST GALLERY


- Activity/social @ Gallery 


1st Mon-. Art Creation

2nd Mon- Game night

3rd Mon- Karaoke 

4th Mon- SPECIAL Guest Speaker 


- WindDown hour of Wine @ the PUB next door to the Able Artists Gallery 

Pledge to Drive 

Sponsor refreshments