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White Cane Commercial Contest: create a 1-5 min video sharing your story or love for the white cane. 


Accept the blindDANCE Audio Described DANCE Challenge (open to EVERYONE)- click here

or choose to submit a film for one of the categories below for the blindDANCE Film Festival


1. Working While Blind

  - At the core blindDANCE's origin story is the desire to see an equal employment rate for the blind and our sighted peers. You can be a key part in normalizing the idea of people who blind thriving in many different workplaces and occupations. You CAN DO this by showing how you are awesome working while blind and the tools you use to get the job done (like Aira), Winners of this online category will be invited to premiere their films in person and could win big prizes. Click here for a full list of prizes.  

 - This category overall winner is to be featured on Aira's Website and be part of their next commercial. 


2. Blindness in Family Life

  - There are stories that only family understands, and that is why this category exists. Can you imagine what it would have meant to find a series of heartfelt stories from families of people who have supported loved ones through vision loss and vision found? 


3. My Thriving Blind Story

 easy to participate Simply answer these questions and imagine the impact you can have both on those new to our blindness community, but also to those just learning about us:

 - What is your eye condition?

   - What makes you unique?

    - How have you thrived?


4. My "Go See Adventure" Film

 - This category is meant to showcase all the fun that we have in the blindness community. There is only one rule, BE SAFE, while having fun!


5. American Foundation for the Blind Celebrate 100 Years w/ "Hellen Keller Quotes"

- Join us in celebrating 100 years of excellence with the American Foundation for the Blind by recording yourself sharing a Hellen Keller Quote along with a Happy Birthday Message to American Foundation for the Blind. 


6. Blindness Etiquette Explained - Featuring Almost Blind Stories 

 Help raise awareness of the fact that 9 out of 10 people who are blind still have some usable vision. What if the general public understood why people who have a white cane can still see them, how much easier would a walk through the grocery store be? What creative films can you create to explain what almost blindness is? 


7. Tech Review - through storytelling 

Some people say that it has never been a better time to be blind, specifically due to technology. How is your life enhanced due to technology? Show the world what you love about your favorite device, either through a traditional product review, or enhance your film with telling a story about how the device helped you in your world. 


8. All Abilities - Born Into Inclusion 

This category is open to anyone of any ability, and was inspired by the question, "Does a person need to be blind to enter a film into the blindDANCE Film Festival?" This category offers prizes for films that focus on the theme of inclusion.

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