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We are here for the person just leaving the doctor's office, newly diagnosed to blindness. 

We are also here for the ENTIRE blindness community and thier families as we grow together

and raise awareness of a world with NO LIMITS for the blind. We focus on CALL IN shows especially, making the online blindness support group an entirely new and interactive experience. 


Fit Life - Audio Described

Fitness strategy, body and mind and a work out too! Join Tanner Gers, who is a medal winning athlete who has participated in multiple international competitions and the Para-Olympics. This work out is audio described. 

Project Launch - Job interviews

You can listen in or speak up and share your story and ask questions. There are two groups, one for people new to blindness and another group for people who have been around for some time. Welcome, you are with friends, soon to be family. 

We invite HR directors from BIG companies to join us for practice job interviews. Charlie Collins is legally blind, a best selling author, business owner and public speaker, he will be there to host and make the process fun! 

Blindness Support Group 


Tea and Poetry 

DAVE STEELE is the BLIND POET with heart to help others cope with vision loss and poetry to explain the process. Dave reads poetry live and takes calls from people in the blindnes community and their families. 


The Blind Life - Tech & Trends

Sam Seavy gives great reviews and tips for all the latest technology that improves the lifestyle of today's blind individual. Call in with questions or to give a review or tip of your own. 


Call to the Sedona Vortex

Dave Epstein has spent a career outdoors as a land surveyor, and is now legally blind Living and LOVING to EXPLORE Sedona. You are invited to come along for a hike and can call in to tap into some VORTEX energy! 


President's Corner

Bari is BLIND at HEART, coming from a family of eye specialists, he is the President of the Board for blindDANCE. Join Bari and call in as he discusses systemic strategies with presidents and leaders of today's top industries. 



Join formally trained journalist BEN FOX as he explores the world of VISION lost and FOUND. He asks top personalities of today about their successes, life the way they see it while asking unique lines of questions. 

DAILY book club

We invite you to join us for a live reading of histories best writings, by well known voices. Each hour will conclude with a discussion of what was read for the day. There are always two books switching off each day. 


BioHacking Blind

Victor Mifsud is known as the "Blind BioHacker". He will take you on a journey to find a cure for his own eyes, sharing the knowledge he learns along the way. NUTRITION is a key he has already found, join Victor as he lists weekly health tips. 


blindDANCE film WORKshop

Are you blind and ever wanted to make a film? Yoni Frager (blind at heart) wants to show you how, he is a seasoned producer with 15 years Hollywood experience, with 8 films some with theatrical release and several currently on Netflix. 


EYES closed: Recording

Who needs eyes when ears are what's KEY for recording TOP NOTCH sound? Eddie Echo is in NASHVILLE blindly recording some of the world's best musicians. Listen in, call up ask how he does it or jam along!



DAILY book club

Have you ever seen a person who is blind on a gameshow before? This is a show designed to play with the ears and the mind, no EYES needed. Hosted by some of the funniest members of the blindnesess community. 



Have you ever seen a person who is blind on a gameshow before? This is a show designed to play with the ears and the mind, no EYES needed. Hosted by some of the funniest members of the blindnesess community.