blindDANCE & Senergy

A physical collision (in the crowded corridors of the MGM Grand. Las Vegas) began my relationship with the man (and his company) that would ultimately bring me peace of mind, if the conventional doctors are correct, about my pending blindness. 


It wasn’t until later I learned that this CEO with a medical background (in vision!) also knows about filmmaking and soon would be working with me and the blindDANCE Film Festival too. 


Although I’m legally blind, I do have a tunnel of vision left and when I find myself wandering crowded corridors I muster courage I may not feel. It was a fitting time for this, in route to my second row seat of Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery, and I wanted to be there for every minute, but I was lost! 


I’m in my late 30’s now. Half of my 20s were spent running away from slow progressive blindness. At 18 I thought Hollywood was calling, just having had a short film premiere at the GEN-Y Theatre of the Sundance Film Festival. When doctors told a teenage me to prepare for blindness, I was determined to travel and live outside the country for as many years as I could (telling myself traveling could not be possible for someone who is blind, I can only imagine what some of my friends who are blind have to say about that). 


I went to stay with family when it became necessary to enroll in white cane and blindness skills training program. Although at the time I had spent nearly half of my adult life traveling or living abroad (true to the programming, I could not travel) I allowed fear to confine me to the Phoenix Valley for two full years. 


Back to the crowded corridor in Las Vegas. I had been petrified at the possibility of moments like the one I was lost in, when I was jolted into a new world by a collision with Scott Tennant, CEO of Senergy Medical Group. 


I’m a large man, 6 foot 2 inches and I’m about 250 pounds, when I run into someone it usually leaves an impression. Imagine if this happened to you, a collision with a large man with a white cane, but then you notice that the person can see your reaction… 


As I apologized to Scott he claimed responsibility for the bump, and suddenly said, “You can see me!” And I was so happy when he followed that with, “Do you have Retinitis Pigmentosa?” My heart jumped. Someone in this crowd knew my eye condition and understands my need for a white cane but ALSO my ability to see! 


Scott was also on his way to Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery, although it was a LONG walk and he guided me the rest of the way (out of the 5,000 people there, Scott was sitting in my section and near me). 


It truly was one of those unique encounters that come only once in a while, as we were walking Scott was counting all the wonderful things that had been happening since arriving at the Tony Robbins event. 


Scott did what I can only describe as “shine” on me, and said bumping into me was a highlight. I felt honored, and want to point out that one of Scott’s greatest qualities is an ability to share his sense of caring about the person he is focused on. I want to specifically thank him and acknowledge that about this kind man. 


The next item I share because it bookmarks, to me, the special feeling in the air about the entire encounter. 


The whole walk took about 20 minutes, and this bookmark moment happened about halfway to the auditorium as Scott guided me passed the crowded food court. He began telling me there was one speaker from Tony Robbin’s stage he really wanted to meet. 


He was talking about 2001 ITU Triathlon World Champion Siri Lindly, who had become a new friend of mine, introduced by Sean Callagy a year previously. It’s important to know about Siri, she is a hero for horses and works with legislation to prevent them from slaughter, housing many on her ranch with her Wife Bek (Siri can often be seen dancing with the horses, with will surely bring a smile to your day). Siri recently thrived through a battle with cancer and a bone marrow transplant touching the lives and hearts of all that know her. 


Scott had actually stopped walking through the crowd, to pause for reflection after commenting about her story. I too feel the same way about Siri, who just so happened to be sitting at a table at the food court (directly within my tunnel of vision!) and behind Scott’s shoulder as he was saying this to me. 


I asked Scott if he would like to meet her and moments later, Scott and Siri were deep in discussion as Bek reminded me to change from my shirt (which I always wear when traveling) for our Team Believe Ranch and Rescue shirt  (before joining our group section inside of Tony Robbins Arena… I think this is the first place I’ve explained to Bek, who is a beautifully fierce competitor, why I had temporarily been out of uniform). 


It was so cool months later to see Scott at a fundraiser event for Bek and Siri’s ranch. 


The story of my first meeting with Scott Tennant cannot be completed without the cornerstone of the encounter, which is the specific reason for the writing of this article. I am happy to say that what comes next actually happened just before Scott and Siri met, which makes it all the more special to me. 


It had surprised me when Scott knew why I was able to see him although I need a white cane to be safe while moving around in public. What he said next was even more surprising, and there is a reason it has taken me 18 months to share this story with anyone outside my family and immediate environment. 


I could see part of Scott’s face as he literally lit up with a joy I can still recall when he blurted out, “I believe I can help you keep the vision you have left.” 


Stop everything. 


This actually happened, and now you understand the 18 month gap in writing about it. 


I grew up watching my Grandfather Raymond Fox go slowly blind and deaf, and if there was ever a family that does not try new “cures” it is us. 


Important note and spoiler alert (while noting Scott’s already famously generous nature): I was gifted a Tennant BioModulator and a lifetime supply of Tennant Supplements, that day, no strings attached. Just before Scott met Siri. 


Important to note Scott only said he believes he can help me maintain the vision I have, not cure my condition. 


Side note and another spoiler alert, it took me three months before I could allow myself to hope this whole situation was real, and that the device Scott shipped me actually could help me. I was surprised as monthly shipments of supplements kept arriving, they egan stacking up in my pantry (formulated to enhance and work in tandem with the low-voltage scaler energy device). 


I asked Scott why he would give me (a stranger) this forever gift, simply after a chance collision in a crowd. He told me that he felt like we were meant to “bump into each other”. 


I kept in touch with Scott, and one day I decided to take the leap of faith and use the BioModulator and Transducer. This would be vital to my own personal belief that I can be a filmmaker again regardless of my eyesight. 


I began spending 15 to 30 minutes a few times a week shining the red scaler light onto my knees which were injured when I fell off a ladder while adjusting stage lighting 15 years ago. I did not dare try them on my eyes. The thought of losing my remaining vision is unbearable. My knees have caused me pain with every step ever since the accident. I stopped talking about it because there was not much to be done… 


I would use the device in the uber on my way to weekly appointments. After two weeks, my Godson asked me why I was walking differently. I have now walked relatively pain free for a year… 


I have begun using the transducer on my eyes and look forward to sharing updates with you on how my energy levels and general health improve over the next year, as I follow Dr. Tennent’s advice, taking my Tennent Supplements daily and regularly using the Bio Modulator and Transducer. 


I gave up on filmmaking 20 years ago. Now I’m back to filmmaking and have created the blindDANCE Film Festival. 


We are honored to announce that Senergy Medical Group is a Platinum Level Sponsor. 


I am personally honored to endorse their products, and share my journey over this next year. I will be documenting my experiences and hope you enjoy the personal narrative that will include some of the experiences and adventures of being a filmmaker who is legally blind, and managing the first film festival by the blind for the world. 


Thank you Senergy Medical, and thank you Scott Tennant. We are proud to have your logo posted at