Segwik - April 20

Hi this is _________ calling from Segwik your new best friend in the CRM business. 

What CRM are you using and how are you feeling about it? 

Segwik, lovingly developed by Pete Romano, launches April 20, and we would like you experience the ease of in-depth automated communication our technology powers, for free for three months. 


We have made the process simple to get started. We are happy to provide individual accounts for each member of your team, all managed from a single dashboard you have complete control of. 


If you've heard CRMs are supposed to be simple, Segwik is what you have been waiting for. 

You're probably wondering how long it takes to learn more, and who else is already IN the Segwik Family. 

Join us for these answers and valuable information for your organization at the world premier of Segwik, April 20. 

"Communication Community Conference, Segwik Genesis 2021"  

You will hear from top industry leaders speaking on latest standards in communication and marketing, meet Segwik Founder Pete Romano along with testimonials from top clients who have helped develop Segwik to bring to market. 

- Landing Page - 

30 second infomercial teaser for event

 - (Pete and Ben) Filmed in blindDANCE Studio 

  - Need Script 


1. Client Emailed 

2. Client Called 

3. Registered client emailed right away

     - 30 second teaser infomercial emailed, with welcome letter

4. 1 week later - FOLLOW up email with blog post "The difference a CRM can make" 

    - Text message on phone "This is a preview of Segwik Technology, looking forward to showing you what can be done for your organization" 

5. 1 week later - email with 5 minute video Founder's message "Pete presents @Hero Club" 

    - Text message ​Segwik Says, "If advertising happens and no one is around to see it, did advertising happen?" Stay in touch with clients you care about with Segwik. Launch with us April 20, 2021. 

6. 1 week later - FOLLOW up email with blog post "the Communication Edge" 

   - Text Message, "Segwik Says:..."

7. Follow up CALL, announcing the April 20 raffle - FREE Segwik for a year with custom care and training package. Client must redeem within 24 hours of the announcement on April 20, and also cool tech door prizes for people who attend the live premier

April 13 - 1 minute video message from Pete, "Why I founded Segwik" 

April 16 - 1 minute video message from Pete, "What is the Segwik Founder's Club" 

April 19 - IT IS HAPPENING TMRW - Announcement and speaker lineup 

April 20 - TODAY IS THE DAY, click this link to join us now. 

 - EVEN AFTER APRIL 20, new clients should always be directed to a monthly NEW CLIENTS LAUNCH event with a similar approach of outreach.