You can FEEL Sedona with your EYES closed. Come see for yourself! 

- Experience a 3-Day excursion designed specifically for those who are blind to enjoy SEDONA.

 - Guests spend two nights in the beautiful Casa DeSEEago, and are led on hikes by Sedona Dave, who is blind and also his assistant (who drives the van). 

Day 1 choose: YOUR HIKE


Robber’s Roost: truly a tactile experience and an easy hike for most of the way, Robber’s Roost offers spectacular desert views and a fascinating dwelling to experience and explore. Stories abound as to its history... what does it feel like to you?  You will remember today for sure!


COFFEE POT: Coffee Pot Trail is an easy hike with epic views, even fun FOR feet and cane!  Winding along the foot of Coffee Pot Rock, its energy, at your back, is matched only by the beauty of the surrounding panarama. Stop to rest, and be in awe, merely standing amongst these majestic rock structures. 


Oak Creek: rain and melting snow from Flagstaff wind through the heart of Sedona, down Oak Creek Canyon. For most of the year, Oak Creek offers plenty to splash about, with miles of coolness to wash the desert heat away. Families and pets hunker down, unpack the snacks, and make a day of the Creek. 

Day 2 choose: YOUR VORTEX experience


Vortex TOUR: Discover... nay, feel, Gaia’s natural energies as you tour the various types of vortexes that adorn Sedona.  Hear of the role Ley Lines play among these powerful energy centers. Sedona energy is palpable... immerse yourself!


SUNSET Vortex Drum Circle: The soundtrack to Sedona’s full moons is the sound of a dozen drum circles. Drumming has been practiced for millennia on these lands.  Sink into the rhythm; journey on the frequencies and resonate with the vibrations that engulf your soul. 


UNWINDING bodywork at the VORTEX: Sedona’s bodywork facilitators are known for their skills in energy work. Myofascial Rebounding and  Jiggling, in a vortex, is truly life altering. Led by an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist and Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shaman,  your self-treatment experience will blissfully linger.

Day 3 choose: YOUR HISTORICAL excusersion


AZ Cactus Botanical Garden & Haunted Burger in Jerome: A gorgeous drive up the hill takes you to Arizona Botanical Gardens, an impressive collection of cacti to admire and to take home... carefully. Jerome is steeped in mining history, quirky shops, and haunted establishments offering epic bbq and burgers. Pass abandoned mines along the way up and down... imagine!


Sedona Petroglyphs:  short desert drive leads to Palatki Heritage Site, an ancient Hopi cliff dwelling and sites of ancient cliff art. Easily accessible and guided by Park Service Interpreters, the history and roles of Palatki are thoroughly explained. Get a bit dusty, and immerse yourself in the rich ancient history of the desert southwest. 


Wolf Petting Zoo and Wyatt Earpp's Brother's stage coach: What would you say to a 200-pound wolf?  Get that opportunity, up close, personal, and hairy. Hold, pat, scratch... that is not a very big dog. You will remember this forever. Virgil Earp, brother to Wyatt, managed the stagecoach stop that you are standing by.

Film DATES for See Sedona Blind Doc

(arrive a day early and leave a day after)


Nov 19, 20, 21, 22  


A group of influencers (who are blind and also leaders of companies) come together for the pilot tour of SEE SEDONA BLIND tours, with the founder of Awarewolf (high visibility gear for blind athletes) David Eptsien AKA Sedona Dave.


This is a documentary film featuring the behind the scenes friendship and stories of five people who are blind and support one another in their perspective businesses.  Join us as we explore the energy of Sedona and what it opens for us as we discuss our own lives and projects as we experience all nine of the top destinations of Dave Epstein's SEE SEDONA BLIND tours, and also the FOOD of CENTRAL Arizona. 


Featured in this documentary are: 

1. David Epstein - Founder Awarewolf/ See Sedona Blind Tours

2. Charlie Collins - LVI US President

3. Ben Fox = CoFounder blindDANCE film festival 

4. Orly Shamir - Blind chef and international mountain climber 

5. Krystal Allen - NJ Commission for the Blind and Eyes Like Mine




On camera introductions to the group/SEDONA Downtown


- Hiking Practice course to cover various terrain and appropriate cane methods. 


WELCOME STORY on the TRAIL with Awarewolf/SEDONA Dave


SETTLE into the house 



Elote Cafe: our favorite go-to all-around best Mexicsn fusion place of all timt!




HIKE: Coffee Pot 

TACTILE description: Experience what we call the "bowling lane" with your cane sweep. You will hear ravens flying over, and likely find their wings. Enjoy bouldering and also red sand under your feet. 

Dave Talk Points: Meaning of community while going blind

Guest Background story: Kirk Adams, 100 years of AFB


ENERGY: Unwinding at the Vortex 

TACTILE description: Smell of SAGE, feeling of body movement, sound of music, feeling of VORTEX

Deb E. Talk Points: Back story of healing arts

Guest Background story: Ben Fox story of Working While Blind and blindDANCE


HISTORY: Botanical Garden and a Haunted Burger in Jerome 

TACTILE description: Feel the bristles of various cactus, enjoy Desert AIR, and also feel the earey sense of possible ghosts in Jerome (where many swear is haunted), near Sedona. 

Dave Talk Points: Planning ahead can make a world of difference for people who are blind. 

Guest Background story: Dave Furukawa will set up FAR Beacons on traffic cones, directing people to avoid walking into cactus, audio through the smart phone. Tell the back story of FAR beacon technology, and how he was hit by a car, when looking for direction.



Picazzo’s literally knows my name when I place my weekly order; healthy, vegan (or not) never tasted so good.


DAY 3 


HIKE: Oak Creek 

TACTILE description: Enjoy the water and the bank, and also rounded lava river rock. 

Dave Talk Points: the effect of blindness on families who support someone with vision loss/blindness.

Guest Background story: Orly Shamir, talking about her upcoming hike of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa and the preparations she is making. 


ENERGY: Vortex Tours 

TACTILE description: Ears open, what do you hear? Feel the difference of two vortexes, one male and one female. 

Deb E. Talk Points: Power of Belief, and what focus can accomplish 

Guest Background story: Dave Furukawa, going blind in stages, now completely blind. 


HISTORY: Petroglyphs of SEDONA 

TACTILE description: Touch the walls of ancient ruins 

Dave Talk Points: Gaining independence - Self advocating 

Guest Background story: Kirk Adams, accessibility, Hellen Keller 


Where we EAT:

Tortas de Fuego knocks everything they make out of the park- traditional Oaxacan at its reasonably-priced finest!


DAY 4 


HIKE: Robbers Roost 

TACTILE description: Feel both the circle in the rock face, and also experience the wind as it blows through the large whole in the rock. Also, you will get to jump across a small crevice after an easy hike. You can put your hands up against a wall to feel permanent handprints that were left along the way. 

Dave Talk Points: Different types of blindness 

Guest Background story: Ben Fox and the origin story for Almost Blind


ENERGY: Drum Circle 

TACTILE description: FEEL the strike of your own hand upon the drum, and also the rhythm that flows over the group. Enjoy the warmth of the fire, and the taste of crispy smores. 

Deb Talk Points: Why we moved to Sedona, do you feel the energy? 

Guest Background story: Yoni Frager, how energy has gotten projects done in Hollywood


HISTORY: Wolf PETTING experience - And Wyatt Earp family stage coach

TACTILE description: FEEL the heartbeat, and take home actual wolf fur. Touch the original wood of the Earp family stagecoach. 

Dave Talk Points: When will Dave get a Guide dog, and what he thinks of them.

Guest Background story: Orly and why is she now a chef after corporate life?


Where we EAT: 

Fresh and Natural Thai is crushing it from their new building; best Thai in town!




MARKETING PLAN - ALL OVER blindDANCE and affiliate partners! 


We will make 2 commercials from footage from the documentary. 

1. Awarewold, various gear 



Specifically - HOLD A CONTEST for 2 spots for a 3 DAY tour

 = challenge the public to post a one minute video as to why they want to win a SEDONA HIKING SCHOLARSHIP



  - GET news story about the contest, and show trailer to DOC film to inspire