- today's top equipment - knowledgeable staff - and a readiness to work with  you, anytime you are looking to build a  Hollywood  Quality project (with rental or staffing needs) in the  Baltimore area. 

blindDANCE Studios is the main client for this (first of its kind) rental house,  run by a staff of highly qualified people, who are mostly blind. 

When you rent equipment from our blindDANCE CAMERA & GRIP RENTAL HOUSE

  you are supporting employment AND film making amongst the blindness community.


YOU RECIEVE A TAX WRITE OFF for many rentals, because the business can often be counted as a donation to our "blind and back to work program" with the rental of the gear as your THANK YOU GIFT. This is made possible because: the rental house is part of a working  training program in the blindness community. 

We have lights, backdrops, grips, microphones, and various broadcast quality cameras and rigs. 

 - Call in to discuss your project with one of our knowledgeable staff, and get a quick custom quote. 

 -- we have well trained staff, in addition to equipment. 

 --- We also offer teams, of both sighted and blind crew to join you, onsite to run equipment and help with any capacity of your project. 

Another unique reason to work with us, a large part of your donation goes to making commercials for blind business owners and inventors at no cost to them.