Blind Faith, with Jen - Feature Film

Updated: Jan 14

Blind at birth and left alone on the streets on India, join Jen on a journey of miracles as she visits people and locations (like India) with Jen for the first time since being adopted by a wonderful family decades ago.


Finding faith with Jen Ferris is a fulfilling journey of both heart and soul.

Join Jen, in this four part documentary series, as she is reunited (for the first time) with people and places she has not visited since childhood, when she was found alone and blind on the streets of India. Jen has been a featured speaker at Tony Robbins events, where story has touched the hearts of thousands. Today, Jen has spent the past two decades as a Public Servant working to transform the Canadian Federal Government for high performance and high productivity through large scale modernization efforts. In addition, Jen is the founder of Talent Launch Consulting which is an employability strategy aimed to reduce the unemployment rate of blind and vision impaired individuals to a reasonable 20% versus the current 85% within Canada.

- Sponsorship and Thank You Gifts -

1k - Thank YOU in credits / invite to premiere

2k - same as above and personal talk with Jen

5k - same as above and a Focused Thank YOU in documentary

- All Sponsors are invited to join in "live" interactive moments FROM the road, during filming with JEN as she experiences her first moments back in India for the first time since moving to Canada, and being reunited with Mommy Sandra from Canadopt.


Mommy Sandra Simpson is the owner and operator of the Families For Children Orphanage in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India. She now lives in Montreal Quebec Canada.

Canadopt was the International Adoption support group of which my parents were members, based out of London Ontario in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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