Purchase Points to the: 

UNIQUE NICHE full-length Horror Movie:

ORBS: the Light SEES YOU



2K per point. 

total points available 50 (repaid upon sale and full release) 

Initial premiere on the blindDANCE Online Network and at the blindDANCE Film Festival. 

(With options to sell to streaming providers)

REASONS to invest:

UNPRECEDENTED camera work and filters to be used in a full-length movie to simulate the VISION LOSS of the 5 clients (PLAYED by actual actors who are blind) of a haunted skills training school for people transitioning to blindness.


CoDirected/created/written by someone who is legally blind.  

First show of its kind. 

 - each crew position will mentor a person who is blind. 

Show partnered with blindDANCE Studios (a Non-Profit Foundation), and your investment may come with extra tax incentives (depending on your choice of return).