A show that feels good again: MOMENTS before GREATNESS

Purchase Points to the interview sports show  - With a  TWIST - AND multiple demographics

Moments Before Greatness



1K per point - NOTE: total points available 50 (repaid upon sale and full release) 

10 episodes first season - Proof of Concept 

Initial premiere on the blindDANCE Online Network and at the blindDANCE Film Festival. 

(With options to sell to streaming providers)

REASONS to invest:

Create opportunities for young people to meet their sports heroes, while providing an additional platform for athletes with disabilities. 


Create jobs for people with disabilities. 

First show of its kind. 

 - each crew position will mentor a person who is blind. 

Show partnered with blindDANCE Studios (a Non-Profit Foundation), and your investment may come with extra tax incentives (depending on your choice of return).