The lights SEE you

FIVE clients/students enter a live-in skills training center for the blind, only to suffer from nightmarish visions. 


Uniquely, this film features blind actors

AND is filmed with blindDANCE studios.

SERVING as the first working apprentice "on set" training program for the blind to learn various crew positions to show there are no limits for the blind. 


ORBS hypnotize and possess the sighted staff of the training facility, who refuse to believe the students who are immune to the ORBS power due to their limited vision,  but are still very AFRAID! 

WHO are the FILM MAKERs who are BLIND and the MENTORS?

Reza Rasoli - Director

Director/Writer/Producer of award-winning content for broadcast, web, social, print, and events worldwide. A whimsical brand of visual storytelling and affection for discovering the unexpected. Sometimes finding it in a moment of humor or joy, and other times a sprinkle of nostalgia.


I'm also an accomplished filmmaker in the world of scripted content, serving as a creator, writer, and producer on animated titles for Disney and Nickelodeon. Collaborating with innovative brands like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Hulu, IBM, HBO, Vans, and Virgin America, I've got an eclectic commercial portfolio,  attributed to a cross-disciplinary background as both a creative director and live-action director.


From puppetry to hand-crafting to in-camera effects, embracing the tactile nature of the creative process in today’s increasingly digital world. Outside the studio, I work to  impart these values as a professor at OTIS College of Art+Design, and through  non-commercial art, which has displayed at galleries across the U.S. 


Ben Fox - The "Blind Advocate"/ Apprentice Director 

I've worked as a journalist, ran a small media/marketing company and founded an organization that supports people transitioning to blindness while raising awareness about the spectrum of blindness (AlmostBlind.org). 


About 20 years ago, when I was 18, I had two milestones in life.

FIRST: I was able to show a short film in the first year of the Gen-Y theater at the Sundance film festival

and SECOND: I was told to prepare for progressive blindness as I underwent two eye surgeries for detached retinas (one in each eye). I wondered then what a future in film making could possibly look like. Now I'm 37 and legally blind with an additional diagnosis of Retinits Pigmintosa and a cataract too, but you know what?  I am ready to get back to film making! White Canes, Camera, ACTION!"

Ben Fox - Head Shot.jpg

Yoni Frager -  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / LA Filmmaker


Clearing the production trenches, I began producing solo. My first feature film, Geek USA, was a punchy throwback to 90s teen music-driven films, earning recognition at the 2013 CBGB festival and the 2014 IFS festival.

Of late, my career has taken a turn back into the horror genre–producing four feature
films Contracted, Contracted: Phase Two, Dementia and Uncaged. After limited theatrical
release these films found permanent homes on Netflix and Amazon. I've recently founded a production company, "Starting Monday" which is currently in pre-production for three features and two TV series.

Bari Azman  - MENTOR to the BLIND / PRODUCER

"I'm Bari Azman, an expert launch and business growth specialist with startups. Although I am all in with the low vision and blindness communities, I got my start by supplying the global airline industry. I served as President of IDT Jets where I administered more than fifteen overseas manufacturing facilities while directing sourcing, creative, retail and business development. 


Right now I serve as VP of Marketing and Wearable Technology for Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA, a multi-office practice that specializes in working with patients suffering from low vision. It was my honor to be part of the team that collaborated with Samsung in the development of IrisVision... Which if you don't know, is the most advanced medical device for low vision patients on the market today. I am  worked tirelessly in the launch of the advanced eSight product throughout the Northeast,


It's my job to guide the launch of this show and to be the final go to for anyone who needs help. Mentors play a vital role in the process of this documentary series, both blind and sighted. They will step in and give coaching sessions to our team in each episode. We have an expert in each field required for each of our projects: cinematography, voice over, marketing, that advises on each." 

Bari Azman - HEADSHOT.jpg

Matt Matawaran / Producer / Perfomer 

Beginning as a performer in numerous plays and national television commercials, I pivoted to writing, producing, and marketing for feature films, music magazines, and commercial spots.


I'm a Hollywood native and have been in and around show business from a very young age. I have even recently dipped toes into the world of podcasting as a producer, writer, and on-air talent.


With his business partner, Yoni Frager, he now shares in his own production company called Starting Monday, which is currently in pre-production for three features and two TV series. 

scottWilson .jpg

Scott Wilson - Composer - Musician 

Scott Wilson heads the Jazz Studies program at the University of Florida, and has previously served as the Musical Director of Universal Studios Japan, and has composed, directed and personally performed in hundreds of scores.  He and his recording partner, Jose Valentino are both award winning artists, Valentino (who is joining on this project) is both a Grammy and Emmy award winner for musical scores.


An interesting film meets academic music fact, Wilson hosted the Legendary Gordon Goodwin (musical scores such as the Disney's Incredibles) at the University of Florida for the week long Gordon Goodwin's "Big Phat Music Camp". Wilson has recently developed a new Jazz Minor at the University of Florida and designed six new jazz courses which allow students to receive current industry skill sets, technology training and learn creative approaches to problem solving. Those students will enjoy the opportunity to record music for the movie ORBS.