A show that feels good again: MOMENTS before GREATNESS

What is the show about

The professional athlete sits in the Hot Seat answering questions while sharing heart and wisdom with today's rising talent, before they even start high-school sports.


"Moments Before Greatness" is the perfect forum where professional athletes and young aspiring athletes will meet to share a common love and passion for competitive sports. 

The pros reflect on their own journey to GREATNESS…for they too had their Moments Before Greatness.

The show is filmed in a round setting, with the Hot Seat right in the middle (any time Covid conditions allow, ZOOM for standby).

Coaches and parents of little league sports nominate players to appear along side the pros each week.

The pro players are arranged by Moments Before Greatness producers, who work closely with various agents from multiple sports.

The show is working with blindDANCE studios to identify and select top athletes who are blind, from the Para Olympics and the National Beep BaseBall Association to appear in season 1.

Each of the young athletes will feel like the star they are, when they see their own sports stats on the screen alongside a pro athlete they themselves get to interview.

Perhaps most notably about Moments Before Greatness, is that children with disabilities will have the opportunity to interview a person with their same disability, who is ROCKING it in the world of sports, right along side the other athletes in real time. 

To RECAP in under 45 words: Each episode features one household name athlete interviews by a young athlete aged between 8 - 16.


ALSO each episode will include a roundtable discussion introducing an athlete from the Para Olympics (sometimes unique sports) and a young athlete with a disability who join as coHost for the interview. 

WHO are the FILM MAKERs who are BLIND and the MENTORS?

Rage' Richardson / Creator / Director 

People find deeper strength, and maintain it, when they connect the dots and remember the things that brought them to the moments before greatness. I have wanted to share this special spark, and method of deep appreciation (a recipe for success) that I’ve found is always present in people who have achieved and sustained greatness.


In addition to being an entertainer and host (notably a dancer on MTV's the Grind among other things) I’ve had unique moments and discussions with athletes and entertainers because of my legendary sports medicine Father, Dr. Richardson. 


A relationship was born from these experiences, over the years, combined with bonding with my own son over sports (who I love to tell stories to, about these great players who have shared with me). 


I knew this show would be born when I was watching my son overcome game-stopping obstacles (for what must have been the fifth hundred time) with joy. 


I simply KNEW, these are his moments before greatness, and I beam with pride as I realize these moments extend off the field too. I HOPE he remembers these moments. 


That is when I also realized: the athletes that are truly great, are the ones that remember (and share) their moments of how they got to greatness. 


Our company, Light Minded Souls, is proud to begin the Moments Before Greatness Series. We start with a focus on sports and inclusion (of all groups and abilities) while building a network of light minded souls. 


As the world of sports offers employment in the public arena, other fields also have heroes that are looked up to, and for great reason. 


Keep a look out for many Moments Of Greatness to come. We are featuring the top talent in every industry around the world, with the TALENT of TOMORROW (our kids) asking the questions about how the Great Ones of TODAY got where they are. 


Be stronger than the money, be worthy of the FAME and broadcast that WOW mindset. PEACE. 

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Yoni Frager -  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / LA Filmmaker


Clearing the production trenches, I began producing solo. My first feature film, Geek USA, was a punchy throwback to 90s teen music-driven films, earning recognition at the 2013 CBGB festival and the 2014 IFS festival.

Of late, my career has taken a turn back into the horror genre–producing four feature
films Contracted, Contracted: Phase Two, Dementia and Uncaged. After limited theatrical
release these films found permanent homes on Netflix and Amazon. I've recently founded a production company, "Starting Monday" which is currently in pre-production for three features and two TV series.


Matt Matawaran / Producer / Perfomer 

Beginning as a performer in numerous plays and national television commercials, I pivoted to writing, producing, and marketing for feature films, music magazines, and commercial spots.


I'm a Hollywood native and have been in and around show business from a very young age. I have even recently dipped toes into the world of podcasting as a producer, writer, and on-air talent.


With his business partner, Yoni Frager, he now shares in his own production company called Starting Monday, which is currently in pre-production for three features and two TV series. 

Ben Fox - The "Blind Advocate"/ Apprentice Director 

I've worked as a journalist, ran a small media/marketing company and founded an organization that supports people transitioning to blindness while raising awareness about the spectrum of blindness (AlmostBlind.org). 


About 20 years ago, when I was 18, I had two milestones in life.

FIRST: I was able to show a short film in the first year of the Gen-Y theater at the Sundance film festival

and SECOND: I was told to prepare for progressive blindness as I underwent two eye surgeries for detached retinas (one in each eye). I wondered then what a future in film making could possibly look like. Now I'm 37 and legally blind with an additional diagnosis of Retinits Pigmintosa and a cataract too, but you know what?  I am ready to get back to film making! White Canes, Camera, ACTION!"

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