What if your ELITE year in UNBLINDED could INSPIRE others for years to come.


- Join bFOX as one of the 12 featured members in his feature film “Enhanced by ELITE” 

- Behind the scenes moments of immersions and ELITE events, curated for reciprocity, in the formula, on camera. 


-in addition to being featured in the 90 minute film “Enhanced by ELITE”

- - i will visit your city for four days creating a 30 minute short film about your business or passion project. 

- - - 3 storyboarding meetings before filming. 

- - - - entering this film into festivals around the world.


What would you do if told to prepare for blindness just months after being one of the first to show a short film in the Sundance Film Festival Gen-Y Theatre (at the age of 18)? 


This happened to our boy bFOX…


bFOX has had detached retinas and surgeries in both eyes, in addition to the same eye condition as Sean leading to eventual blindness.


- I am Ben Fox and I gave up on filmmaking when this happened 20 years ago. I became a print journalist and learned to interview and write news stories with a focus on business.


I loved working with chambers of commerce, city councils and artists whenever possible.


I have always loved returning to film whenever I can. 


You can see this when you watch any of my work, I pour my heart into it. 


If my eyesight is ever all gone, should that happen, I will still make films, it is my passion. 


Our team created the first film festival by the blind for the world, showcasing our successes and the tools that help us succeed. 


The UNBLINDED Formula (and the community behind the movement) Sean Callagy has created IS one of the biggest reasons I’ve been able to stride forward again in life with vision loss/blindness. 


We are all blind, and just learning to see. 


Will you be featured in “Enhanced by Elite” with me? 


Let’s go.