Chef Orly the Light rocking the Kitchen

Accessible Boxed Meal Kits - Cooking with Light

What if the ingredients for every meal box were made fully accesable, in addition to being custom created for people who are blind, and possibly even new to the kitchen?

What if Chef Orly "Light" Shamir (who is fully blind) were to cook each meal, with you (step by step), through video that is matched up to QR codes printed onto packaging. 

Cooking While Blind can be rewarding, nutritious and delicious, and you are sure to have fun with Orly in the kitchen along side you for every step.

Chef Orly Shamir is teaming up with LD Chesapeak Lighthouse and the Blind Industries and Services of Maryand to bring this tasty and fully accessible innovation to a dinner table near you! 

- We would like to film the production of 8 meals in the BISM kitchens. 

  - Ideally we would film 1 meal production (max of 4 hours in kitchen including clean up) each week for a total of 8 weeks between Nov. 16 and Feb. 1. 

  - - We will provide all ingredients and tools for cooking/filming. 

- NOTE:Currently, we are exploring options with multiple companies in regards to food sourcing and packaging, but are open to additional ideas in these areas.