blindDANCE Challenge

Help us raise awareness of Audio Description in Films and Media by accepting the blindDANCE Challenge and Audio Describe yourself dancing for 10-30 seconds. 

This is meant to be fun and easy. You can describe yourself dancing in real time, or make it a group activity and describe your friends dance. 

We name new winners every month for gift cards and VIP tickets to the blindDANCE Film Festival. - This contest is open to anyone, and especially for sighted people to learn about our community, share the blindDANCE Challenge with your friends and family. 

  • Ethan Cook

    My story of Sightloss, sudden onset at 14. HowI have dealt with the challenges and the change in mindset I have developed along the way.

  • Allyson Buerger

    In this video, Allyson dances to Uptown Funk for the BlindDance Challenge.


    In the room there is a canvas with flames painted on it. She enters the room snapping her fingers to the music and rocking from side to side. As she continues rocking her hands come up overhead and then back down to her sides, still snapping. She points to her shoes when he says "got chucks on". Then, she points to the flames, licks her finger and puts the "flame" out on her booty.


    Allyson founded the Go See foundation to encourage, inspire and empower those who are blind or visually impaired to remain active and engaged with their world.

  • Doreen Holmes

    I am Doreen Holmes from RI, the smallest state in the USA.

    I have Macular Degenation, but it will never slow me down.

    I am a yoga instructor and teach yoga to the blind and visually impaired.

    I have no (dis)ability...only abilities to help others that struggle like me and bring laughter to all.

    I am dancing to We're Coming To America by: Neil Diamond.

    I am wearing a Neil Diamond mask and my dance is narriated by my granddaughter Olivia Conca.

    Hope this bring much laughter to you all.

    Love from RI



  • Doreen Holmes

  • Doreen Holmes

  • Kim Owens

    I loved tehis!

  • Morten Bonde

    I accepted the blindDANCE Challenge, will You support Audio Description in film and media?

  • Barb C.

    I accepted the blindDANCE CHALLENGE to support Audio Description in film.

  • Kathryn Henshaws

    I accepted the blindDANCE Challenge!

  • Doreen Holmes

    I loved doing the blindDANCE CHALLENGE!

  • Dave Steele

    Dave Steele The Blind Poet audio describes short dance to the song Stand by me RP

  • b. FOX

    I love some people who are completely blind and have never seen dancing. I am on a mission to find the best audio describers in the world, and also to describe dancing to my lovd ones in a way that will bring joy, WORLDWIDE. Thank you for reading this and for accepting the blindDANCE Challenge.


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