blindDANCE Challenge

Help us raise awareness of Audio Description in Films and Media by accepting the blindDANCE Challenge and Audio Describe yourself dancing for 10-30 seconds. 

This is meant to be fun and easy. You can describe yourself dancing in real time, or make it a group activity and describe your friends dance. 

We name new winners every month for gift cards and VIP tickets to the blindDANCE Film Festival. - This contest is open to anyone, and especially for sighted people to learn about our community, share the blindDANCE Challenge with your friends and family. 

  • Dave Steele

    Dave Steele The Blind Poet audio describes short dance to the song Stand by me RP

  • b. FOX

    I love some people who are completely blind and have never seen dancing. I am on a mission to find the best audio describers in the world, and also to describe dancing to my lovd ones in a way that will bring joy, WORLDWIDE. Thank you for reading this and for accepting the blindDANCE Challenge.

  • Yoni Frager

    I have a blind best friend and the idea of him getting to hear people's dances makes me so happy! I challange Michelle Whitman to Accept the blindDANCE Challenge.

  • Jonathan Fox

    Jonathan dances to Eye of the Tiger

  • Diane D.

    Charlie Brown is a great teacher, and likes to dance almost as much as Snoopie. Bari Azman, I challenge you next.


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