Burning it: Visual Experience 

Note from blindDANCE Founder Ben Fox: 

My heart was lifted when I first viewed the Youtube video shared on this page, from the Visual Experience Foundation and Michael Benson. Imagine seeing this video the day you are told that you are now legally blind and there is nothing that can be done to save your vision. 


In this video you will see why blindDANCE Film Festival and the Working While Blind Film Crew are partnering with the Visual Experience Foundation.


We are sharing the story of folks learning to burn visual experiences (in their memory) while joining Michael Benson for adventures around the world. 

Join us as we begin the filming of an adventure documentary series as we join along to document the experience and bring to the world starting with the blindDANCE Film Festival. 

Our first adventure and episode is Visual Experience Foundation's 6th annual Surfing For Vision in Long Branch New Jersey Aug. 14 2021. SEE YOU THERE! Registration open until Aug. 7. 


The following words are from Michael Benson and apear on screen of the YouTube video, I am sharing here in text form for our friends and family that are blind. 


"Burning it started for me as a personal thing to save memories deep in my mind’s eye because of the eye disease I was born with and the threat of going blind.


I hit a bottom years ago and vowed never to miss a sighted day worrying aout a day that may or may not come in the future I decided to live in the Power instead of the fear!


Last year I heard a still small voice deep in my soul say:

“Michael it is time to give it away to keep it. Share what you have been doing with others. Trust me I Love you.”


I said “OK”and the Visual Experienve Foundation was born."