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Braille on the Street: Clarke Reynolds American Tour

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New York City— International Braille Artist Clarke Reynolds, who is legally blind, kicks off his first US tour with a custom braille exhibit like nothing that has ever been done before.


Imagine the world's LARGEST EVER "Braille Chalk Art Display" filmed from a helicopter (with the doors off) by Clarke and blindDANCE Film Festival Crew above New York City.  


The Braille says, "NO LIMITS" the slogan of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) 100 year celebration. 


The Braille dots are each the size of manhole covers. The American flag is depicted in the dots, with Blue on the left side then red and white stripes (with the names of influential leaders who are blind). 


In a unique custom stlye, from bottom to top into thte Braille dots, Clarke has incorporated iconic structures from the New York City Skyline (that can be seen from the air).


The Braille Chalk Art goes down and the helicopter goes up Sept. 22, the day before AFB's 100 year celebration in NYC at the Tribecca Building. 


“Its important that people know Braille as an artful way to communicate many things,” Says Reynolds. "For example, my Braille always includes different colors because 9 out of 10 people who are legally blind still have some usable vision.”


Reynolds says because much of the work has been completed before arrival, the art will be completed in about 6 hours once he is on site. 


This historic "POP-UP" brailleArt exhibit is just the remarkable beginning of an east-coast "Braille on the Streets" road and rally tour. Reynolds creates Pop Up Braille exhibits on the streets along the route while raising awareness of life with NO LIMITS for the blind.


Blind Filmmaker Ben Fox is documenting Reynold’s journey from NYC to Tallahassee Florida to host an art workshop and show at the Able Artists Gallery.

This film is a collaboration between the blindDANCE Film Festival and also the Visual Experience Foundation, with a special thank you to  FLYON New York and Michael Benson for the helicopter. 


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  • "Braille on the Streets” FILM tshirt


  • PRINT of Clarke Reynolds Braille art

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  • Personal zoom thank you call with you and Braille Artist Clarke Reynolds


  • Clarke Reynolds 1 of a kind ORIGONAL mini creation “a word of braille” on canvas (total of 20)


  • Special thank you in film, AND meet Clarke Reynolds in person for dinner backstage at film premiere with 2 VIP tickets to blindDANCE Film Festival

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  • "A phrase of braille” 1 of a kind Clarke Reynolds origonal creation on canvas (total of 4 created for this movie)


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LEG 1 


Tuesday - Sept. 21

  • Clarke Arrives in JFK

  • Filming with Clarke scouting locations for next day’s art (discussing history of Braille)


Wednesday - Sept. 22

  • Helicopter -with influencers who are blind- above NYC

  • World's Largest Braille Chalk Art display - No Limits in Braiile on sidewalk we fly above


Thursday - Sept. 23

  • AFB Gala

  • Clarke donates a piece for silent auction

  • (Clarke offers to have several pieces on display


LEG 2 ROAD TRIP to the ABLE ARTISTS GALLERY New York to Florida 


FRI - Sept. 24

  • Full DAY with UNBLINDED at Long Beach Island

  • Join blindDANCE Chairman Scott Tennant for an ELITE training and discuss Clarke's art with personal development coach Sean Callagy 

  • Blind Surfing 



  • Strategy session for Clarke's Brand and future marketing 



— Drive to DC 

  • Settle into hotel and enjoy casual dinner with DC blindCREW 


  • — FULL DAY in DC visit with blindCREW

  • Visit Smithsonian art museum / (FOR the film FOR 1 hour) Hand out free Clarke Prints (donations accepted) at the DC MALL



  • 9 hour drive to Atlanta Georgia 


  • FULL day in Atlanta vist blindCREW @FAR Headquarters on the Atlanta Beltline

  • (FOR the film FOR 1 hour) Hand out free (donations accepted) Clarke Prints at the Atlanta Belt Line


LEG 3 - Clarke Reynolds @ABLE Artists Gallery 




  • 9 hour drive to Tallahassee 



  • BIG EVENT at the Able Artist Gallery "First Friday" Featured Artist: Clarke Reynolds 


-  Clarke guest artist day 2 at Able Gallery 


Sunday Oct 3

 - Clarke Reynolds hosted Workshop 5 lucky people will learn how  to create braille art!