Finding faith with Jen Ferris is a fulfilling journey of both heart and soul.

Join Jen, in this four part documentary series, as she is reunited (for the first time) with people and places she has not visited since childhood, when she was found alone and blind on the streets of India. Jen has been a featured speaker at Tony Robbins events, where story has touched the hearts of thousands. Today, Jen has spent the past two decades as a Canada Free Agent working to improve the lives of people with disabilities with the Canadian Federal Government. 

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- All Sponsors are invited to join in "live" interactive moments FROM the road, during filming with JEN as she experiences her first moments back in India for the first time since moving to Canada, and being reunited with Mommy Sandra from Canadopt. 

Jen Ferrs as a chld in India, pictured here with her siblings at the ophanage.
Jen Ferris standing next to Tony Robbins, who towers above her and beams, she has a microphone. Caption reads: Courage is a muscle. The More you demand it within yourself and take action, the more you grow and transform
Jen Ferris with hard hat and gloves holding to a zipline type wire.
Jen Ferris walks with guide dog while pullng luggage down a neatly kept sidewalk
Jen Ferrs pets smiling dog on grass
Jen Ferris smiling Business Dress copy.jpg