blindDANCE leadership is comprised of industry professionals in the blindness community, in addition to the business, academic, government and medical fields. Our team has banded together to provide opportunities and training in the film industry to those who are blind and visually impaired, often through creative partnerships. 

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Chairman of the Board Scott Tennant is also the Executive Producer of the Helen Keller Documentary being produced by the American Foundation for the blind in its 100th year. Scott grew up working with his father who is an eye doctor and an eye surgeon, he spent his days removing the bandages from people's eyes after surgery.


blindDANCE Founder Ben Fox had a short film in the Gen-Y Theatre of the Sundance Film Festival at the age of 18. Two months later he would undergo a series of eye surgeries then being told to prepare for blindness. After spending 20 years in print journalism, small business ownership and focusing on advocacy for the Almost Blind Community, he is back to Filmmaking FULL TIME. 

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Jon Fox - 

blindDANCE CoFounder

Sr. DEV for Morgan Stanley working remotely and traveling with brother Ben Fox and the Working While Blind Crew for FILMING adventures around the country. 

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Scottie Whitney - 

Founding Board Member

Lifelong friend to the blind, advocate and educator. Head of Logistics for the Working While Blind Crew, working full-time to bring the people and the action together at the right time. 

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Karen Walker - 

Board Member

Great supporter of both the blindness community, as the largest employer of white cane instructors in the country, and of the arts as the founder of Able Artists Gallery

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Dr. Vinny Calderon - 


With a LOVE for all people in the blindness community Dr. Vinny has a desire to raise awareness of different types of blindness, and a lifestyle of thriving with vision loss.

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Mario Calderone - 


With a background in Television and serving as the Master of Ceremonies for hundreds of events, Mario brings a depth of experience in addition to a love for the blindness community. 


Jonathan Frager

LA PRODUCER/advisor to board

The blindDANCE All Abilities category was created by Yoni Frager. He has been producer or executive producer for five films that played in theaters and are now on streaming platforms.